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recycle gold into new jewellery



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Recycle Your Old Jewellery . Upcycle / Remodelling

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Recycle Your Old Jewellery . Upcycle / Remodelling

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Recycle Your Old Jewellery . Upcycle / Remodelling

Have your old gold jewellery, silver or platinum recycled into a new design.

You can have a cherished old piece remade in the same design or you can have a new piece made to your own tastes.

You can use a bunch of old jewellery or just one or two treasured pieces.

Of course the cost of doing this for you is wide and varied. I will need to know what you want making, so that I can work out the time required to make it.

Please don't drop me a message along the lines of "I have two old rings and want something nice making, how much will that cost me?"

Ideally send me some pics of what you have and some pics or a sketch of what you want making. 

This kind of work can take 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the new piece.

Some stones may be subject to being damaged when being removed. Some stones are so soft, that they can be difficult to remove without the risk of damage. In addition, you also get some metal loss when making something new. You can't get 100% of the metal from old pieces into a brand new piece without some loss.

Some typical prices are quoted below as a rough guide for you

To smelt some old metal and make a simple plain band £240

To set stones into a new piece £20 each

To hand engrave an inscription - from £30

To hallmark the piece at the Assay Office £30

To make a plain bangle £280

To make  a single stone engagement ring/dress ring from £350

To make an eternity style ring from £500

To make a pendant from £200

To make a pair of cufflinks from £150

To make some earrings from £150

In addition to the above there are a number of services available for repair or restoration. 

Please do note, that the above prices are just a guide. Your item may be slightly more or less, depending on so many variables.



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Re-cycle Your Jewellery Into This Piece

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1. Did you know that I can take your old jewellery and re-model it into this or any other design.


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2. Either send me an e-mail to give me your detailed brief or....

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3. Make an appointment to visit me at my workshop / shop. Mon-Fri 9-5

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4. I can repair / restore or re-model your old jewellery into something new.

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5. Or You can commission a new piece exactly as you want it.

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