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You can commission me to make a unique piece of jewellery. I specialise in making pieces of jewellery directly for the client and I work to your brief and to your budget.

Please watch the short video above, there is an insight into my workspace which you may find interesting if you are unable to visit me. I work for clients from across the globe and find myself working for clients that live 3 minutes away and 3,000 miles away.

Please have a look around my website and the relevant off-site links such as Flickr, YouTube, Twitter etc…You will find these links if you scroll down on the right hand side.

Feel free to get in touch, thank you for popping into my website and a special thank you if you share my website with your followers, fans or friends.


I can also repair, restore or completely re-model your existing piece of jewellery. If you have inherited the grandparents, or your parents jewellery and you want to turn it into something more contemporary or you just want it re-storing to its former glory. Just get in touch.

Chris Parry