Fingerprint & Thumbprint Charms

 Fingerprint Charm 

Fingerprint charms are one of the sweetest gifts you can receive. Unique and personal gifts handmade by an expert. A truly thoughtful gift, perfectly capturing that unique essence of an individual. 

Your child's print. Capture the baby's unique print or perhaps the kid's are teenagers already (how did that happen so quickly !?) You can of course also use the parent's or grandparent's prints. You can easily capture their fingerprint or thumbprint. 

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How To take Your Fingerprint For Jewellery

It is super easy to take your fingerprint (or someone else's print for jewellery. Just watch the above video. It takes just a few seconds to take a print, and is great fun. All you need is three things.

  • Clear Sellotape

  • HB Pencil

  • White Paper

Create a special handmade charm featuring a special fingerprint or thumbprint. Order today and see the love of your life break the largest smile, when they see what you have commissioned for them. Helping you to create and treasure memories.