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Discover My Pet Ashes Jewellery Collection

A touching tribute to beloved pets who've crossed the rainbow bridge. Our curated range includes pet ashes necklaces, dog and cat ashes necklaces, as well as rings.

All pet ashes jewellery is meticulously crafted, ensures the highest quality and uniqueness. Dealing with pet loss is challenging, and our personalized service offers bespoke jewelry made from pet ashes, preserving cherished memories.

Choose from our collection to find a meaningful piece that symbolizes the enduring bond with your pet. These carefully crafted items provide a beautiful and comforting way to keep your pet's memory alive during this difficult time.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Materials

All my jewellery uses recycled precious metals, minimising environmental impact. Made in all the precious metals to suit every budget. 925 sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold, and platinum. All hand crafted on site in my own workshop in Kent, UK by a small team of highly skilled jewellers.