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THE BEST refund policy, warranty offer & 100% satisfaction promise you will find ANYWHERE.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. (No small print)

No quibble promise of satisfaction. I'll either tweak your commission, completely re-make it or give you a full refund.

Handmade with love. When you want the best, you just shouldn't compromise. You should ask of the company "What if...". If they can't stand proud, look you in the eye and say no problem, then look elsewhere. 

I don't want to make a fast buck out of you. I would prefer that I become your "Go to" jeweller for those really important commissions. I am not here to rip people off, sell shoddy pieces and disappear into the dusk.

If you are not happy, I am not happy. I am dedicated to making special pieces for my clients like you.  

6 Months Refund Policy

I want you to love your piece of jewellery. If for any reason, (and you don't even have to give me a reason), you want a refund in the first six months. No problem.

That is a no quibble, no questions asked, refund. Return your commission and I'll issue a refund straight away. No delay, no problem. I don't want you to live with something you don't love. It doesn't have to be pristine, it doesn't have to be in the box. (By the way the legal minimum is thirty days for a normal product, zero days for a personalised product.) With me you have six months to change your mind. 

Now that is a peace of mind, unparrylleled promise. (Parry - unparrylleled - did you see what I did there?) Simply return your item to me. 

5 Year Warranty

Looking for peace of mind? If something I make fails due to workmanship or material. I'll put it right. Five full years. If something happens that just shouldn't have. Allow me to correct the issue.

Zero cost to you, I'll make you happy again. Of course jewellery is exposed to wear and tear. There are some things that will be expected to happen to a piece of jewellery being worn daily. I can't stop the bangs and scratches and general wear and tear. If however something is outside of this, I'll stand by the quality of my work. (By the way the legal requirement is six months)


I have had clients accidentally damage their jewellery. I mean proper damage them. I've seen things crushed, driven over, and cut off by the fire brigade. I've seen some pretty poorly things.

Whether it is a small but annoying bit of damage, or if the piece has been badly hurt. I'll have a look , give you a quote for an expert repair.  Accidents happen, so lets get your jewellery back to it's former glory. You can read more about my repair service here. 

It's Personal. 

Be under no illusion. I want you to fall in love with me. I want you to shout my name from the hilltops. I want you to rest assured that I care. I care A LOT. 

You like my attitude? You like my passion? You're kind of going a bit soft on me? It would be rude at this point if you didn't sign up for my newsletter. It's not one of those pushy type newsletters. You'll like it.