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Jewellery Repairs & Ring Sizing.

Expert jewellery repairs. Affordable jewellery restorations. Superb jewellery recycling service. Ring resizing and ring repairs. Lost gemstones replaced and stones re-set.

What to do with old jewellery? Your next step to having your old jewellery repaired or recycled. Something in desperate need of some TLC? Get your quote for having an expert service.

All work carried out on site. Simply bring or post your jewellery to Chris for unparalleled service.

  • Broken ring repairs

  • Ring resizing.

  • Lost gemstones replaced and set

  • Loose stones re-set

  • Damaged or worn jewellery restored.

  • Chains repaired

  • Replace ring shanks.

  • Jewellery re-cycled


A much loved old ring, that had lost diamonds and been worn away


Stones removed and new top plates added. 


The new top plates are shaped to the old setting. 


The old and some new stones set back into the repaired ring.


Missing stones and well worn.


New stones and re-built setting.


A complex two tone ring re-sizing. A new piece of metal added. 


The new piece of metal is refined and the whole ring re-engraved.

All sorts of repairs undertaken. 

Quotes given, please pop in.

Below you will find an indicative cost of repairs. 

Please take these as a guide as your job may be simpler or more difficult. 

Price Guide Below- Get In Touch For A Quote.

Ring Sizing

  • Sterling Silver from £35. 

  • 9k Gold from £40

  • 18k Gold from £55

  • Platinum from £65

Prices on the left are for rings that are 2mm wide. and for taking the ring up one size. 

Wider rings require more metal and are more difficult to size.

Going up by more than one ring size requires more metal

Quotes will be given for each ring. 

Simple Solder and Simple Chain Repairs

  • Adding Charm to Bracelet from £6

  • Soldering Broken Ring Shank from £25

  • Laser welding broken chain from £10

Fixing chains can be very straight forward or quite complex depending on the link style and metal. 

Broken ring shanks might be a simple solder job or might require some of the ring shank to be replaced if it is badly worn down.

Quotes given on all jobs

New Catches for Chains - Safety Chains

  • New Safety Chain - from £14

  • New Simple Bolt Catch - from £8

  • New Simple Lobster Catch

In silver, safety chains are £14. 9k from £25. 18k from £40 and Paltinum from £75

Bolt catches and lobster catches come in a variety of sizes and of course precious metals. Prices range form £8 to £150

Quotes given for each job.

Rhodium Plating and Polishing

  • Rhodium Plating Ring - £25

  • Polishing Ring - from £15

  • Rhodium Plate Bangle - from £45

Most simple rings are £25 to plate. 

Most rings to polish are £15, more complex rings a little more. 

Quotes given for each job.

Insurance Appraisal

  • Photo Insurance Appraisal £35

A close up photo - description of all materials within piece and replacement valuation. 

Complex pieces will take longer to evaluate and therefore cost a little more.

Quotes given for each job.

Stone Replacement - Setting Repair

  • Prices form £20

Lost stones can be replaced. Type and size of stone will dictate the cost. 

Settings sometimes have to be repaired if a stone was lost. Prices from £20 for repairs

New settings can be fabricated. Prices from £60 in silver.

Quotes given for each job.

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Jewelry?

There are a variety of costs for jewellery repair. There isn't one answer. It depends on what has happened to the piece of jewellery. You may require a 5-minute fix, or the piece might require multiple hours. It is advisable to contact your local recommended jeweller for their expertise.  You might try sending a photo, but sometimes a piece has to be inspected under magnification to see how complex the repair is. You can contact me here. 

How Much Does It Cost TO Fix A Broken Ring?

A broken ring might require just a simple solder, on an old broken solder seem. This would cost £25- £50. The ring shank might be worn and need a part or full replacement. The cost here can be £100-£500 depending on the amount of metal and metal type. The ring might need a high level of restoration, and depending on the work involved, you might be looking at £50 -£500 for an extreme bit of TLC. It is hard to give exact guides to cost without inspecting a ring in person. You can contact me here with your details. 

How Do You Fix Jewellery?

There are not many DIY ways to fix jewellery, as most repairs require some professional tools and, of course, years of experience. We might need to solder a part, cut something off, polish and plate it. We may need to set or reset a lost gemstone. The ability to fix jewellery comes after years of experience working with different metals and gemstones. It is best to seek advice from a professional before attempting your own fix. 

You can contact me here

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Silver Necklace?

Silver chains are quite easy to repair in most cases. A solder or laser repair to a broken chain might be £10-£20. A broken catch might be £10-£30. Sometimes very old chains have received several years of wear and tear and are not economically viable for repairs. In which case, a new chain might be suggested over a repair. 

You can contact me here

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tiny Diamond?

It all depends on their size and your definition of "Tiny". Typically small diamonds would be considered 0.5mm to 2.5mm (Under 0.10ct). The repair might also require some work to the setting from which the stone was lost. So apart from the cost of a stone, there might be some repair work needed on a ring. An experienced jeweller will be able to advise you on the cause of the loss and also what is required for the fix. Costs could range from £20 - £150. A larger stone 0.10ct and above will cost anything from £150 upwards to replace. Please contact me for some advice. 

Does Resizing A Ring Damage It?

No. The purpose of resizing a ring is to increase or decrease its size. The ring has to be altered, but the alteration should be invisible to the naked eye, and the ring will look like new. Find a jeweller that has come highly recommended. 

Can Rings Be Resized Bigger?

Most rings can be resized. Some rings are trickier and more involved in resizing. Some rings are just impossible to resize because of how they were made or how many stones have been set. A classic example of rings that would fall apart if resized are "telly shopping channel" rings. You will find some rings are not viable to resize. A good jeweller would be able to advise you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Engagement Ring Resized?

The cost to resize an engagement ring could be £25 -£150, depending on its design. Some engagement rings are trickier to resize because of how the setting is designed. In addition, it depends on how much bigger the ring is to be resized and what metal it is made from. Feel free to contact me with your details. 

Can Platinum Rings Be Resized Smaller?

Yes, platinum and the other precious metal rings can be sized down. If it is a simple wedding band, it might be possible to simply compress it down a size. If it is a more complex design or more than a size is required, then some metal has to be cut out of the ring. Typically just a few millimetres. The cost for sizing rings down is £35 - £100, but the specifics of your ring will dictate what is involved. Feel free to contact me with your details.