Handmade Jewellery by Chris

Founded in 2000 I have been hand making jewellery in my sunny little workshop in the quiet village of South Darenth in the Kent countryside. I am obsessed about the products I make.

Sustainable Recycled Jewellery

I use the highest quality materials, and use recycled metals throughout my work. I can even use my clients own old family heirlooms to make them new pieces. Making jewellery creation a wonderful experience of remodelling those memories and the provenance that those old inherited pieces bring. 

A Wide Range Of Designs 

I make jewellery for all occasions. Wedding rings, engagement and eternity rings. Fingerprint jewellery, cremation ash jewellery and of course gifts to suit every celebration, from birthdays, special holidays, Valentines and more. All are priced and ready to be ordered, and made to order on my website

Commission Your Own Idea - The Cost 

Commissioning your own idea is not expensive. I simply price my work for the time required to make it and the materials required. There are too many variable in such work, to be able to give you a guide of prices here that would cover every enquiry I get. A commission can be anything from £100 to umpteen thousand, so best to simply get in touch and give me your brief. The turnaround time depends on how busy I am when you order, which is typically 8-12 weeks. 

How It's Made

My craft spans centuries, from age-old metalsmithing to the precision of laser cutters. This alchemy of tradition and tech ensures I forge your vision into exquisite reality. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, a slow dance of hammer and flame, where time itself becomes an ingredient. This isn't mass production, it's bespoke magic, born from whispers in metal and brought to life with love and meticulous care.

Contact Us - Customer Service
Chris Parry
Unit 4 Horton Road
The Old Paper Mill
South Darenth
DA4 9LW 
Telephone: 01322 867393

Mon-Fri 9-5

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