Ash into jewellery

Ash into jewellery

 The art of adding Cremation Ashes  to a handmade piece of jewellery

Unique I believe in my offering, but will probably be quickly copied by others.

The service of adding the cremated ashes of your loved one. A loved pet or a near and dear one no longer with us.

Typically, if you want to buy a jewellery container to carry the cremated ashes of your loved one, you need to buy a fairly large and chunky pendant, with a large hole in the back. You then pour the ashes of your loved one in and seal the hole with a screw and some glue. Fairly bulky and a DIY affair. Not an ideal solution.

So I have developed my latest service for you. To my mind, it was never about the quantity of ashes added to a piece of jewellery, but the thought. So I have developed a new service. Unique I believe in the world, but I am sure will soon be replicated.

Simply commission a piece of jewellery. It can be a ring, bracelet, charm, pendant, key ring. The choice is yours and unlimited. The only provision, is that the piece of jewellery has a minimum of 2mm depth at some point. So a flat bookmark is not an ideal choice.

Once I have handmade your piece of jewellery, I then drill a small hole. Into which I carefully place some small specks of ashes form your loved one. I then plug the hole with more precious metal and laser weld the hole shut. A high precision process. An invisible plug which is then marked by hand engraving a small star at the point of the cavity.

Unobtrusive, secret. A perfect way to store your most valuable treasure.

The completion time for your commission depends on the piece being made. Typically about 4 weeks, but speak to me if you have a specific deadline, I will try to do my best to accommodate if I can.


If you would like a quote or to discuss this service further, please get in touch.

By me.
For you.