Handmade Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings: Celebrate Your Unique Love Story with Handmade Perfection

Finding the perfect wedding ring is an incredibly special and personal experience. It symbolizes the eternal bond between you and your partner and your special love 


At my Kent workshop, I understand the significance of this purchase, and I'm dedicated to crafting exquisite custom wedding rings that capture the essence of your relationship.

With a wide range of options and personalised touches available, I'll ensure that your ring is truly one-of-a-kind.

Handmade with Love in the Heart of Kent

The High Street Is Great For A Toaster - Not For A Wedding Ring"

The collection of custom wedding rings is meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans in our Kent workshop. Every ring is handmade with love, passion, and attention to detail, ensuring that it is a true reflection of your personal style and preferences. We take immense pride in the craftsmanship of our rings, creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also built to stand the test of time.

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Endless Personalization Options

When it comes to personalisation, the possibilities are limitless. Your custom wedding ring can be adorned with a variety of features that make it truly special. Imagine having your partner's fingerprint engraved on the inside, forever reminding you of their touch. Or perhaps you'd like to incorporate a handwritten message or a heartfelt inscription that holds deep meaning for both of you. Additionally, our skilled artisans can expertly set any gemstone of your choice, including lab-grown diamonds, ensuring that your ring sparkles with brilliance.

Each Ring is made from scratch for you



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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Wedding Rings

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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Custom Ring?
The cost of a custom ring can be anything form £70 - £5,000 or more
There are a lot of variables that will affect the price of having a ring made. The first and most obvious is the metal that you choose, with silver being the cheapest and platinum the most expensive. 

The complexity of the design will have an impact on the cost as a simple plain band is the easiest to make, and a heavily sculpted design with gemstones and engravings will take much longer.

The best advice is to approach a jeweller with a fully detailed brief of what you are after with dimensions, metal and gemstone choices and sample images or sketches. 
What Is A Bespoke Wedding Ring?
A ring that you have had especially made to your own requirements is classed as a bespoke wedding ring or a custom wedding ring. 

The level of the custom or bespoke nature might be nothing more than a special engraving of handwriting or a fingerprint on a ring, or it might be a very unusual design theme that you have a deep desire to wear. 

I have made some unusual rings in my past including Star Wars, Marvel, Dr Who inspired themes to mention just a few. 
How Long Does It Take A Jeweller To Make A Custom Ring?
The actual creation of a ring from scratch can be just a few hours or several days/weeks depending on the design. 

However most good jewellers have a waiting list and are simply so busy that they can't make an immediate start on your jewellery, so plane well ahead. 

Personally speaking I am typically fully booked about 4-5 months in advance. There is a high demand for my work and I just can't squeeze clients in at short notice.
Can I Have My Old Jewellery Recycled Into A New Wedding Ring?
Yes you can have your old jewellery recycled into a new piece of jewellery.

A typical cost to have a plain band form your old jewellery is £290. That is regardless of whether the metal is silver, 9k, 18k or platinum. The time required to recycle the jewellery is the same regardless of the metal. 

The cost can be more than this depending on the complexity of the new design and or the old jewellery. A ring that has a hundred stones set in it, will take a fair amount of time to remove the old stones.

Contact your jeweller with your requirements and to discuss the likely cost implications. 

The nicest aspect, is that you can have your new wedding ring made form those precious bits of jewellery that you might have inherited from a grandparent or parent.
What Is A Fair Price For A Wedding Ring?

On average, a simple, classic wedding band made of a traditional metal like silver, gold or platinum can range from £70 to £3,000 However, more intricate designs or rings with additional features such as gemstones, engravings, or custom elements can cost more.

The price of a wedding ring can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the materials used, the design complexity, and the craftsmanship involved. It's important to consider your budget and personal preferences when determining a fair price for a wedding ring.

Sometimes a client will say to me "but I can get it for £xxx on abc.com" My answer to this query is quite simply, "Great, go buy it from them". I don't ever (and I mean ever) look at what other jewellers are pricing their work at. I don't care a fig about their operating cost, their profit margins and their skill set.

I simply price my jewellery on the time and material it takes me to make it. My price is my price. Every now and again I get a client say, "Can you do it for £100 cheaper? " Sure I can, I'll just use £100 less of metal or £100 less of time. Which would you prefer?

It's worth noting that the price can also be influenced by the reputation and brand of the jeweller, as well as the location of the store. Custom-designed rings and unique settings tend to be priced higher due to the individualized craftsmanship involved.

Ultimately, the fair price for a wedding ring is subjective and depends on your budget, personal style, and the value you place on the symbol of your commitment. It's recommended to explore various options, compare prices from different jewellers, and ensure that you're comfortable with the quality and craftsmanship of the ring you choose. Remember, the most important aspect of a wedding ring is the sentimental value it holds for you and your partner, as it represents the love and commitment you share.

Personalised Appointments for a Tailored Experience

I understand that choosing a wedding ring is a significant decision, and I want to make the process as seamless as possible. That's why I offer personalised appointments, where you can consult with me personally.

During these consultations, I'll take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and any specific details you'd like to incorporate into your ring. I believe in providing a truly tailored experience, ensuring that your wedding ring is everything you've envisioned and more.

All The Precious Metals

A Diverse Range of Metals and Styles

We offer an extensive selection of metals for your custom wedding ring, including sterling silver, 9k and 18k, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

Each metal has its unique characteristics, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly complements your style and preference. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of white gold or the warmth of rose gold, we have the perfect metal to bring your vision to life.

custom wedding rings next to each to each other in silver, 9k, 18k and platinum
Unmatched Quality and Guarantee

When you choose our custom wedding rings, you can be assured that you are investing in the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. 

I use only eco-friendly recycled metals, promoting sustainability and ethical practices. Furthermore, I stand behind our work with a 5-year guarantee, ensuring that your ring remains as beautiful and durable as the day you first wore it.