Ashes Charms. Cremation Ash Beads. Ashes Bracelet.

Charms That Hold Ashes

Get your ashes charm bead handmade by an expert. The most popular is the Ashes Into Glass Beads. Available in over 25 colours, these bespoke glass beads are a real comfort, keeping your loved one close. when you want the best handmade glass beads, you are in the safest of hands here. Ashes into Pandora ashes charm? Yes these beads will fit the popular Pandora range. 

Trusted globally for over 20 years for ashes made into jewelry. Create your next heirloom. Human ashes and pet ashes can both be used so if you would like jewelry made out of ashes, there is simply no one else to consider on this most important commission.

  • Over 20 years and counting: Hand making bespoke memorial jewellery directly for clients (No wholesaling via third party's - ever.)
  • The best assurance guarantee ever. Like seriously. Ever.
  • Proudly made in the UK. Bringing folk like you, comfort. Keep your loved one close. Helping you treasure those special memories. 

A personal message from Chris 

You may also wish to consider a Memorial Fingerprint Charm. It is possible to have a fingerprint taken from the recently deceased by your kind funeral director. No special fingerprint kit is required. Of course, once you have a fingerprint, you can have a Memorial Fingerprint Ring, a Memorial Fingerprint Necklace, or check out all of the Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

The UK's Oldest Established Memorial Jewellery Maker.

Keepsakes Made From Ashes.

When you are after a perfect keepsake to hold the ashes of your loved one, then look no further. You can create a perfect cremation bracelet, and each is made on site in Chris's workshop in Kent. Made in all the precious metals:

  • Sterling Silver

  • 9k Gold (White gold, rose gold, yellow gold)

  • 18k Gold (White gold, rose gold, yellow gold)

  • Platinum

Your new ashes bracelet can be handmade to your very own requirements. I am a jeweller dedicated to creating memorial jewellery for my discerning clients like you. Have some comfort knowing that your loved ones ashes are with you always.

Keepsake jewellery for ashes can take on many forms. You can have a charm or bead as shown above, or commission your own unique ring, necklace, earrings, pendant, cufflinks or any other piece of adornment. 

Pet Ashes Jewellery

Can You Put Pet Ashes In Pandora Charms?

Pandora bracelets are very popular. Whilst Pandora ashes charms do not exist. It is not something that Pandora sell. I can make a charm or bead that fits their bracelets. So often folk are searching for " Pandora charms that hold ashes", but in reality what they are searching for is "Ashes charm for Pandora bracelet".

You will find here, a wide selection of charms that hold ashes. They can equally contain pet ashes, as well as human ashes. A living being when cremated will produce a similar ash remains. We are all basically skeletons with fat and muscle. An animal , depending on it's size will leave behind a different amount of ash, based on it's weight. The amount of ash left behind is the only real difference. 

How About Paw Print Jewellery?

Sure, I can make you extra special pieces of jewellery with their paw prints. I can scale their prints down and engrave them onto any piece of jewellery. A ring, charm, pendant, or cufflinks. 

All you need to do is take a print. (Sorry not something we do in the shop). Really easy to do , but given the nature of animals, you may want to do this outdoors, in case they run off mid-printing.

  • Use a water based paint - kid's paints will be safe option

  • Dip paw into paint and press onto paper.

  • Check quality of print and repeat if required.

  • Wash and dry paw thoroughly before going back indoors.

What Else Can I Do With Pet Ashes?

There are a number of solutions for you to consider. You can of course do one or all of these suggestions.

  1. Scatter the ashes at your favourite place, perhaps a favourite beach or walk.
  2. Commission a garden sculpture for them to go in, or buy a ready made outdoor urn.
  3. But a plant, rose bush or tree and bury the ashes in the root ball outside.
  4. Use an eco friendly container to bury them at sea from a boat, or cast them from a beach. Drop them into a river from a riverboat, bridge or riverbank.
  5. Grow an indoor plant, with the ashes in the soil.
  6. Keep them in a special container or urn in the house. You don't have to use an "urn" which is basically a pot with a lid. You can of course use any container of a suitable size. How about checking out an antique store
  7. Ashes into jewellery. Of course you can have a number of pieces of jewellery made. Commission something unique, such as a ring, necklace or charm.
  8. A tattoo. Some artists will grind the ash into ink and are able to give you a special tattoo.
  9. Put them into specially made fireworks and let them go off with a colourful bang.
  10. Add them into a vinyl record. A specially impregnated disc can be made for you.
  11. Put the ashes in a small bag and then inside a cuddly toy or cushion.