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Cremation Ashes Jewellery : A Story Of Comfort

Welcome to my unique collection of handmade cremation ashes jewellery, hand crafted with care right here in the UK (Kent) . I am passionate about creating meaningful pieces that honour the memories of your loved one and have been doing so for 25 years.

In my workshop, I use recycled eco friendly metal—be it 925 sterling silver, gold, or platinum—is infused with your loved ones' ashes. These creations go beyond mere accessories; they are tangible expressions of love and remembrance.

handmade ahses jewellery in silver, gold and platinum.
ashes jewellery pendant engraved with hand writing

With every meticulously crafted item, I aim to provide you with a lasting connection to your cherished moments. Ordering online today is simple, I'll send you an ash pack for a teaspoons worth of ashes. We will work our magic and your commission will arrive in a beautiful jewellery box as soon as it is completed.

It's jewellery as you imagined and always wanted.

Thank you for entrusting me to be a part of preserving your precious memories in a truly special way.

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