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Cremation Ashes Jewellery : A Story Of Comfort

Welcome to my unique collection of handmade cremation ashes jewellery, hand crafted with care right here in the UK (Kent) . I am passionate about creating meaningful pieces that honour the memories of your loved one and have been doing so for 25 years.

In my workshop, I use recycled eco friendly metal—be it 925 sterling silver, gold, or platinum—is infused with your loved ones' ashes. These creations go beyond mere accessories; they are tangible expressions of love and remembrance.

handmade ahses jewellery in silver, gold and platinum.
ashes jewellery pendant engraved with hand writing

With every meticulously crafted item, I aim to provide you with a lasting connection to your cherished moments. Ordering online today is simple, I'll send you an ash pack for a teaspoons worth of ashes. We will work our magic and your commission will arrive in a beautiful jewellery box as soon as it is completed.

It's jewellery as you imagined and always wanted.

Thank you for entrusting me to be a part of preserving your precious memories in a truly special way.

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Your Ashes Jewellery Made In Recycled Eco-Friendly Quality Materials.

All my ashes jewellery uses recycled precious metals, minimising environmental impact. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold, and platinum, my handmade cremation jewelry is as unique as the lives they celebrate. Find your perfect piece here. Trusted globally for over 25 years. Each item is designed and handmade in my workshop, in Kent, by a small team of skilled jewellers. 

Ashes in Jewellery, a cremation ash necklace in the design of an idyllic beach

Ordering Your Ash Jewellery

  • 01.

    Place your order here on the website ,make a note of your completion date. 

  • 02.

    I'll send you a small pack for some ashes. Just a teaspoons' worth.

  • 03.

    Pop it back to me in the freepost envelope provided

  • 04.

    Twiddle your thumbs. I'll post your ashes jewellery out the moment it is ready along with all unused ash. 

Ashes In Jewellery : Book An Appointment - In Person or Zoom. 

Ready to explore our jewellery for ashes artistry, made by my special team? Get a complimentary consultation either in person or via Zoom.

I'm here to guide you with compassion and expertise, ensuring every step of the process is filled with respect and care.

book an appointment - ashes into jewellery workshop
recycle your old family jewellery - a recycled ring
Recycle Your Old Family Jewellery With Ashes

Consider re-cycling your old family jewellery, perhaps inherited from a loved one, into a new piece of ash jewelry you will wear. Embrace the warmth of your loved one's memory, forever entwined in the beauty of jewellery made from ashes, from your own jewellery.

Ashes Jewellery | FAQ

When Did You Start Making Ashes Jewellery?

A mothers request 25 years ago was the first piece of ashes jewellery that I made. Sadly Frankie, her little one had been born asleep. I engraved his footprint onto a heart shaped pendant and infused some ashes into the piece. That was the beginning of my own journey, helping my clients to find a modicum of comfort. 

What Ashes Into Jewellery Can You Make?

You can have a wide range of Ashes Into Jewellery made. Here is the full list of what I can make for you. 

  • Made in all the precious metals
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 9k Golds (White, Red, and Yellow)
  • 18k Golds (White, Red, and Yellow)
  • Platinum.

  • The widest range of handmade ashes jewellery in the UK

  • Handmade in the UK just for you

  • Making Cremation ash jewellery for over 25 years.

  • Commission your own bespoke idea.
  • Recycle your own jewellery into a new pieces of ashes jewellery

Can You Make Jewellery Out Of Cremation Ashes?

Yes, Memorial Jewellery is very popular. I can make your special cremation jewellery from your loved ones ashes, in one of several ways. As a jeweller making pieces from scratch in my own workshop I can offer you my full range of expertise. Simply browse my website here to find your perfect piece or commission your own idea. Jewellery from ashes is simply one of the most rewarding items to make.

I have been making memorial jewellery  for over 20 years. I can use ash, hair, fur. I have even set baby teeth or dog teeth in pieces. You can have handwriting or signatures, doodles and drawings engraved on special pieces of jewellery. I have engraved heart beat and voice sound waves. I can also recycle old jewellery into new pieces for you to wear. 

  • Ashes can be added into glass for some designs. 

  • Ashes into resin is the most versatile of materials to safely add ashes. 

  • I can add ashes directly into the metal of the jewellery piece. A technique I created , which is now being favourably copied by my competitor's.

  • I can add ashes into a specially prepared gemstone. A unique offering, only available here. 

How Much Does It Cost to Make Jewellery From Ashes in 2024?

Price rangeDescription
£6.99 - £50Self-filled jewelry made of base metal, steel, or brass. You fill the jewelry with ashes yourself Have a look on Amazon or Ebay
£30 - £300Jewelry made by individuals or companies that do not make their own jewelry pieces. They add ashes to existing jewelry using resin or in the same way as above. The jewelry is typically made of silver or 9k gold. You will find lots of cheaper jewellery, just have a google
£100 - £2,000Jewelry made by real jewellers who make their own jewelry pieces in their own workshop. They can make bespoke pieces or recycle your own jewelry. The price depends on the materials used.

From as little as £6.99 to £10,000 or even more. The first option and the cheapest is a self filled piece of jewellery. These can be found quite easily on sites such as Amazon for £6.99 to £50. They are base metal, steel or brass, and you simply fill them with ashes yourself. A small grub screw is then used to close the hole. A simple and cost effective way to carry your loved ones ashes. 

The next option which would cost £30 - £300 is to use an individual or company that does not make their own jewellery pieces, but charge you to add ashes to them using resin or in the same way as above. You can google for that type of service and you will quickly see the quality of the finished pieces that are possible for this type of price range. Just check what their refund and warranty policy is, if anything at all. Typically these individuals will only have access to silver or sometimes 9k golds. You won't find them working in 18k golds or platinum. 

You will then find real jewellers like me, who make their own jewellery pieces in their own workshop. They don't buy in mass made pieces and would have the ability to make you a bespoke piece, or even recycle your own jewellery. These individuals, like me are much harder to find. The price range will spread from £100 up to £2,000 or more depending on materials used. Again, just ask what their refund and warranty policy is.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Diamonds From Ashes?

Typically  £1,000 to £10,000 to turn cremation ashes into a diamond. There is growing concern however that those selling this service are simply hoodwinking their clients. Several studies have been made noting that it is not possible to recover enough carbon from cremated ashes. With one company on their website suggest that only a fraction of the carbon used to make a diamond is from the ashes with the majority being supplied new. 

I simply can't endorse or recommend any company offering "ashes into diamonds". 

I would add a HUGE word of caution here. There are several company's that offer this service , but I am so heavily sceptical. You will, by all reckoning get a real diamond (maybe) but it will not contain any ashes from your loved one. 

Here is my word of caution on such company's. If I had a machine that could turn ashes into diamonds, I would put it in a glass room and offer tours. I would have it live streaming 24 hours a day. It would be quite an impressive thing. 

What you will find on websites, by company's offering to turn ashes into diamonds, is that their machine is in a secret location. Hhmmmmmm, so secret you can't visit and see it !! Be careful, buyer beware. 

How Much Ashes Do You Need To Make Jewelry?

When making ashes into jewellery, a teaspoons' worth of ash is required. A little goes a long way. Only a pinch is actually required to make a piece of jewellery, so a teaspoon's worth of ash would make a dozen pieces. All unused ash is returned with your commission. 

How Much Ashes Do You Need To Make A Ring?

Just a teaspoons' worth of ash is required. Actually only a pinch is required to make most rings, so a teaspoon's worth of ash is more than enough.  All unused ash is returned with your commission. 

Can You Make Pet Ashes Jewellery ?

Pet ashes are in essence the same as human ashes. The cremated ashes from any living form will be reduced to the same cremains. The only difference will be the size of the loved one lost. A horse is bigger than a pony, which is bigger than a human, which is bigger than dog, a cat and so on. You can therefore get ashes from any beloved lost animal. The resulting ashes, can then be used in the same way that we use human ashes. After all, for most folk, a pet is part of the family. Start here for your journey into Memorial Jewellery

Can You Shower or Swim With Cremation Jewellery On?

The jewellery itself is not affected by plain water, however it is best to remove the jewellery when swimming or showering. The sea has a degree of salt in it, which can affect silver jewellery. Swimming pools and jacuzzis have chemicals added that can affect 925 sterling silver and make it tarnish. When bathing, you may use a beauty product, shampoo or suchlike that might tarnish silver or chemically damage the resin in cremation ash jewellery. So whilst water itself is OK, it is the chemicals in the water that could damage your jewellery. 

Can You Make Jewellery With Hair Instead Of Ashes?

Yes, I can add hair to most pieces of my jewellery in the same way that the cremated ashes are added. 

How Do You Make Ashes Into Jewellery?

There are four ways that I can get your special ashes into jewellery. Each technique is appropriate for the design shown, so some techniques are not interchangeable. 

Infused in a special jewellers resinThe ashes are mixed with a special resin that is used to make jewellery. The mixture is then poured into a custom made piece and allowed to cure. Once the resin has cured, the jewellery is ready to be worn.
Infused into glass whilst it is in a molten stateThe ashes are mixed with molten glass. The glass is then slowly cooled and cut ready to be set into the jewellery. Once the glass has cooled, the jewellery is ready to be worn.
A void is created within a metal piece of jewellery and then laser weld shut. A small void is created within a metal piece of jewellery. The ashes are then laser welded into the void. Once the laser welding has been completed, the jashes inside are water and air tight. There but unseen
Inserted into a special cubic zirconia gemstone that I cut by handA small hole is drilled into a cubic zirconia gemstone. The ashes are then inserted into the hole. The hole is then sealed with a special resin. Once the resin has cured, the gemstone is ready to be set into a piece of jewellery.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Ashes Into A Necklace?

A typical cost ranges from £90 to £2,000 or even more. That of course depends on the precious metal, gemstones and the design. Most silver necklaces with ash in will cost somewhere in the region of £90 to £250 as a rough guide. To see the full spread of costs, please browse my ashes necklace page. Each item is priced in each of the precious metals. Sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold, and platinum. 

Is It OK To Wear Cremation Jewelry?

The answer, is a resounding yes!. There's no right or wrong when it comes to honouring your loved one's memory, and if cremation jewelry brings you comfort and peace, then embrace it wholeheartedly. 

In the depths of grief, we search for ways to keep our loved ones close. Some find solace in memories, others in rituals, and for many cremation jewelry offers a tangible connection that transcends the physical realm.

Where Can I Get Jewellery To Include Someones Ashes?

Seeking exquisite ashes jewellery or a truly personal expression? Look no further. I offer hundreds of handcrafted designs in rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Can't find what you envision? No problem! My bespoke service is made for crafting your unique treasure. Or let's also talk about breathing new life into family jewellery heirlooms with a loving touch. Explore my website or get in touch to discuss your heartfelt wishes.

How Long Does It Take To Turn Ashes Into Jewellery?

Due to my high demand and dedication to crafting each piece with care, the typical turnaround time for ashes jewelry is 10 to 14 weeks. However, you can always check the current estimated completion date for your specific order. Simply look just above the "add to cart" button on each product page to see the most up-to-date timeframe.

This way, you have a clear understanding of the expected wait time and can easily access the most accurate information for your desired piece.
free pack for ashes jewellery

The Free Ash Pack For Ashes Into Jewellery

Place your order today and I'll send you a small ash pack for some cremation ashes.

We require one teaspoons worth of ash and most pieces require a pinch. We will use what we need to make you the most beautiful keepsake. We can make jewellery from human ashes or pet ashes, cremation ashes are essentially the same thing from any living being. 

All unused ash is returned with your commission. We don't keep or discard any ashes. 

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