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I am sorry that your recent loss has brought you to this page. 

Your loss is absolute and you are now exploring the best way to create a cherished keepsake. 

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You are not alone in this quest and it has happended since time began. 

The Victorians were indeed huge on the idea of mourning jewellery and there are some stunning examples in the Victoria and Albert museum. 

This idea of creating memorial jewellery has now been revived and there are lots of ways to create something unique for you.

Below are some of the techniques that I use. I offer a bespoke service in making special jewellery. 

Hand Writing Jewellery

Handwriting Pendant

Their signature from their last greetings card

Handwriting Cufflinks

Mum and Dad's handwriting for their son.

Handwriting Charm

A sweet little charm with Mum's writing.

Cremation Ash in Glass Jewellery

Cremation Bead

Personalised cremation glass beads. Huge range of colours

Cremation Glass Ring

A large glass cremation ash glass ring. 

Lots of Designs Possible

Diamonds and leaves wrap around this cremation glass ash ring.

Recycled Jewellery

Recycled 14k Gold

A loved ones fingerprint was added to this recycled gold. A perfect pendant

Cremation Glass Ring

The yellow gold was supplied by the client and I added there white gold. 

Lots of Designs Possible

A very worn down ring shank was brought back to life by adding a new ring shank.

Cremation Ash in Resin Jewellery

Precious Leaf

The loved one was laid to rest under a tree, and this is one of the leaves.

Resin Hearts

One of my most popular designs. "Always In My Heart"

Dog's Ashes and Fur

Recycled 22k gold jewellery and I then added the dog's ashes and fur.

Their Fingerprint 

Fingerprint Necklace

Mums print and hand writing captured onto a necklace.

Fingerprint Ring

Commissioned by a lovely lady suffering from a terminal illness, for her son.

Fingerprint Owl

Dad's fingerprint made into a fitting memorial pendant for his daughter. 

Baby Footprints and Handprints

Tiny Toes

A little ones prints captured for dad.

Little Feet

A sweet little charm made in 9k gold. 

Foot and Hand

The new little baby. A snapshot in time for dad.

So what is next?

Get in touch.

Make an appointment and pop in to see me. We will grab a coffee and have a chat. 

The possibilities are endless. I can pretty much make whatever you want. 

I can recycle old jewellery or restore it. I can use your loved ones cremated ashes, hair, fur, hand writing, fingerprint, hand/footprint.

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  • Quality Guaranteed

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