Fingerprint Wedding Rings

Fingerprint Ring | UK

Fingerprint wedding rings. Handmade in 925 sterling silver, 9k gold, 18k gold and platinum.

Perfect as memorial fingerprint rings if you've sadly lost a loved one, or as a special birthday or anniversary. 

  • Fingerprint wedding rings are perfect to have each others fingerprint on your rings. The romantic way to take part of your lover with you everywhere. Other wedding rings just don't compare.
  • The oldest established UK maker of fingerprint rings, your fingers are in the safest of hands. Right here.
  • Memorial fingerprint rings are such a lovely way to capture a unique part of a loved one lost to us. Take them with you forevermore
  • Join that exclusive group of folk who have commissioned something truly individual and utterly captivating.
Checkout the handmade Fingerprint Necklaces, really populare the moment is the Double Fingerprint Necklace, handmade in all the precious metals. Don't forget to check out the beautifully detailed Fingerprint Cufflinks. Helping you to treasure meaningful memories. 

Perfect Fingerprint Wedding Bands

To create the most unique and perfect fingerprint wedding bands, simply watch this short video. It explains in a blink of an eye how to capture your own fingerprint.

"How To Take Your Fingerprint."

Frequently Asked Questions About Fingerprint Rings

What Is A Fingerprint Ring?

You can have your partner's fingerprint expertly engraved onto your ring. A perfect solution for wedding rings. You can also have fingerprint bands made for other occasions. You can have the kid's, siblings, parents or grandparents fingerprints engraved on your special ring. 

How Much Does It Cost For A Fingerprint Ring?

The cost to make a fingerprint ring will vary depending on the ring width and the metal choice. I make fingerprint rings from 2-10mm wide. In all the precious metals: sterling silver, 9k golds, 18k golds and platinum. Please have a look through my rings here to find your price for your special ring. 

Can You Get A Fingerprint From The Deceased?

How Do You Take A Fingerprint?

Can I Have More Than One Fingerprint On A Ring?

Yes, you can get up to four fingerprints around a ring. It depends on the given ring size, so a very small ring size will obviously have less circumference than a very big ring size. 

What Is A Memorial Fingerprint Ring?

A simple term for a ring that is in memory of a loved one who has been lost to us. Incorporating their fingerprint is a lovely way to cherish their memory. Some folk will take a loved one's fingerprint when they are still with us, such as an elderly grandparent. I have also created special rings for clients who are of ill health and don't have long. 

What Is A Secret Fingerprint Ring?

It will look like a plain band or wedding ring, but the inside of the ring has a fingerprint engraved. It is therefore invisible to the naked eye, unless it is removed. Keep your loved one's fingerprint close to your skin and a secret just for you.