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Cremation Ash Rings and Memorial Rings

I am sorry that you have a need for my services in this regard.You can brose my ONLINE SHOP once you have read through this page.

A loss of a loved one is never easy to bare. I do get lots of lovely feedback from clients who are thrilled to have a memorial piece made. It is a small thing that brings a bit of comfort in an otherwise crappy time. Below you will find a range of solutions for creating a memorial piece.The first thing to state, is that a memorial ring doesn't have to contain ashes or handwriting or anything so direct. Some clients want to just commission a piece that will serve as a reminder.


A star ring with cremation ashes sealed inside the large star.


Some rings are so precious that all you want it for them to look like they once were. The next pic is the restored ring.


Platinum and gold restored to its former glory


A bespoke ring with the infinity symbol. The letter "S" picked out in red for Snowy. Snowy's ashes were then sealed in the opaque resin. There but not visible.


A custom made ring like this can be made from your own jewellery. 


Above, a meandering ring was made and these small roses were hand engraved. The ring was 5mm wide. The ring was made form metal supplied by the client. Again, you can have cremation ashes added to a simple palin band like this if you so wish.


The result of re-cycling the clients own jewellery. A bunch of pieces were provided and we had a small amount of gold and 7 diamonds.The ring above was made. Inside the ring I added some of mums handwriting. Some cremated ashes were also added into the metal. I have marked the spot where the ashes are with a small engraved star inside the band.


The lovely couple commissioned this ring after the loss of their little one. A platinum ring shank of laurel leaves. A fancy canary yellow diamond, is set in 18k yellow gold. Some cremation ashes are added into the ring shank with a tiny inscription inside.


A lovely lady had lost her father and commissioned this triple skull ring. The central skull containing some of Dad's ashes.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?Some of my designs are available to buy on my website and are therefore already priced.Some of these designs above were unique for the client. Their requirements therefore drove the cost. You might like something similar, but bigger with more metal or smaller. With a bigger stone or no stone at all. You might like a cheaper metal or go for the most expensive. You mgiht already own the stones and metal. Your design might require setting 30 stones or none at all. You might want handwriting copied onto your piece, or delicate roses engraving. 

As you can see, I can't give prices until I know exactly what is required for each element that will make up your ring. I might be able to make a ring for you for under £200 but likewise you might wish to spend £500, £2,000 or £10,000. Ths cost of the ring is ultimately up to you.Any of the rings above could be made with cheap stones in the cheapest metal, sterling silver for just a few hundred. Likewise each ring above could be made with platinum and the finest diamonds and could cost thousands. Those choices are all yours.


Their signature or hand writing can be transformed into a very special piece of jewellery. 


Spinning rings made for two sisters. Sadly Dad passed away. We used some of his old jewellery to make the yellow gold parts. Into which I added some of Dad's ashes. Inscriptiones were added to each ring. These rings were very wide at about 15mm.

Scottish Coat Arms

Dad's ashes were sealed inside these bespoke clan cufflinks for the son's wedding day.