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Re-Cycling Jewellery

Have your old or inherited pieces of jewellery lovingly turned into new pieces.

Whether you have something broken, or just out of date or a loved one has left you something precious.

It can either be repaired or tweaked or taken apart and smelted. Once you have a fluid piece of molten metal, it can then be turned into any piece of jewellery in any design.

I don’t sell mass-made stuff. I only sell things that I make from scratch in my workshop. So it is equally viable for me to use your old metal for your new piece, as it is for me to use new bullion stock.

I can un-set the stones, if there are any, and then use them again in your new piece.

It is ALL about you and what you want.

The possibilities are truly endless.

recycling jewellery




re-cycling jewellery

It seems a real shame to keep those cherished pieces of jewellery in a draw. 

Your family is precious – keep them close.

All you need to do is to make an appointment or drop me an e-mail.

I can’t give a quote until I know all the details of the commission. My prices are worked out on the techniques required and the time your piece will take to create. A plain wedding band is obviously quicker to make than a tiara. Additionally, platinum takes longer to work with than silver or gold. You might want one or several stones setting or a bunch of hand engraving on your new piece.

Some clients post their jewellery to me, but I can’t accept such pieces form international clients, simply as Import tax makes this service impractical.

I have re-cycled just about everything in my time into just about every kind of new piece. Be it as simple as your parents old wedding rings into new ones for you. Or re-styling Nan’s old battered engagement ring into a new piece.

Please pop over and have a look through my old Facebook posts. I share a lot of images of work I have undertaken for clients, and you can see how I have repaired, restored or re-modelled other pieces.

handwriting cufflinks

Additionally I can add a loved ones hand writing to your new piece. So if you have lost a loved one, you might have their signature or writing from an old greetings card. If you have their fingerprint or handprint, I can add that. 

I also offer a service where I can add your loved one’s cremation ashes into your new piece.

angel feather ring

By Me.
For You.