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Please call me if you prefer to have a chat.

01322 867393. Mon-Fri -- 9-5

My website is my brochure. I don't use any printed catalogues or brochures. Please have a look here, everything is priced

Employing a person of letter carrying capabilities, then stamp an envelope and write these words on the outside Chris Parry, Unit 4 Horton Road, The Old Paper Mill, South Darenth, Kent DA4 9LW. 

kent handmade jewellery

Send me a message in the contact form below.

You can't attach any pics or files to this contact form so just wait for my reply if you have something to send.

Please let me know which item specifically you have seen, if you are referring to a design. "How much is the ring with a blue stone?" Is a little too vague for me, so as much detail as possible.

Depending when I receive your message and how busy I am in the workshop, you may get a reply straight away or in a few days. I work Mon-Fri 9-5. So if you send me a message at 4pm on a Friday, please don't follow it up with six more messages over the weekend, asking why I haven't replied. 

I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check your spam/junk folder. If you haven't heard from me within three days, or it is urgent, please call 01322 867393 Mon-Fri 9-5


1 Do you send me a vial for ashes and do you return the unused ash?

Yes, we send you a small vial once you place your order and of course we don't discard or keep any ash. It is returned to you with your commission.

2 I've seen product XYZ on your website, how much is it?

The products on my website are priced, please use the drop down boxes on the item page to get your price. Of course if you are after something bespoke, I will need to give you a quote.

3 Where are you based?

My address is at the bottom of every page on this website.

If you are waiting for a reply PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM / JUNK folder