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Cremation Ashes Jewellery, Pendants, Necklaces, Lockets For Ashes

Cremation ashes jewellery handmade with your loved ones cremated ashes, right here in the UK. We create necklaces, pendants and lockets for ashes in silver, gold and platinum.

Custom made in my village workshop in Kent. These beautiful unique pieces are made with your loved ones cremains or hair, fur, or your pet's ashes.

Create your unique Cremation Ash Rings and Cremation Ash Beads. Jewellery at it's best.

  • Trusted globally for over 20 years with the most precious of commissions.
  • Each item is lovingly crafted to bring you comfort and offer a unique way to keep your loved one close to you.
  • You're in the safest hands , right here.

Handmade in all the precious metals, sterling silver, gold and platinum. Your memorial locket or mourning necklace will be able to keep your loved one close. Probably the best selection of cremation jewellery in the UK...

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The UK's Oldest Established Memorial Jewellery Maker.

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Memorial Lockets For Ashes.

A memorial locket can be an ideal way to keep your loved one's ashes close to your heart. Whether it is a locket for ashes, a pendant with ashes or a necklace. My beautiful jewellery will bring you the comfort you desire, handmade here in the UK. A small amount of hair or ash can be safely secured within your pendant.

Hand crafted in sterling silver, gold or platinum in my workshop. A perfect memorial keepsake to wear daily, watertight and 100% safe & secure. You'll always have them close to your heart. 

Some of the pendants allow for an inscription. Depending on the engravable area, you might be able to have handwriting as the inscription. Feel free to check in with me to enquire.