Ring Sizing - Advice

There is no easy way to get your ring size. No DIY method that is accurate. Read on for more details. If you want a special ring, then you really want it to fit properly. So don't compromise on half hearted ways to get sized. You'll only regret it. 

Your Perfect Ring size


Your finger is not one ring size.

It might be a size M for a 2mm wide ring, an N for a 6mm wide ring and you might be a O for a 10mm wide ring.

You therefore need to get measured with a matching ring to the width you are after.

A set of ring sizers like these are perfect.

How Accurate?

Ring diameter's or ring circumferences are made to an accuracy of 1/10th of a mm. 

You just can't measure that kind of accuracy at home with a ruler. Please don't try.


Don't know your ring size?  Simply pop into your local jeweller (or me) to get sized accurately.That is it, there is no other option. 

 DON'T use one of those horrid plastic ring gauges, a printed template or any other form of DIY ring sizing. 

Plastic ring gauges are just rubbish plain and simple. If a company sends you one then they are more interested in trying to get your sale than they are the best fit. Their interest is self serving. No serious jeweller would consider these.


These ring sizers, affectionately known as "Jailor's Keys" are just awful. 

They are too thin and too cumbersome to use. 

What you want is an individual ring, that matches the width of the ring that you are wishing to buy.


So to summarise.

For a Perfect ring size. 

Option ONE : Visit a local jeweller or me. 

Option TWO : Send me a ring of yours to measure. 

Option THREE : There is no option three. Hope that helps