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Can you sleep with a cremation necklace on?

Can you sleep with a cremation necklace on?

Yes you can. Whether or not to sleep with a cremation ashes necklace is a deeply personal decision that hinges on both emotional comfort and the practicalities of caring for the jewellery. Ultimately, there's no right or wrong answer, and what works for one person might not for another.

Considerations for Comfort:

    • Emotional connection: For many, sleeping with a cremation necklace provides a tangible sense of closeness to their loved one, promoting comfort and peace. The feeling of their presence can be a source of strength and security during sleep.
    • Personal rituals: If your bedtime routine involves holding the necklace or whispering to your loved one, sleeping with it could enhance that ritual and deepen your connection.

Considerations for Care:

    • Damage to the necklace: Rolling over or snagging the necklace during sleep could damage the chain or pendant, especially with delicate designs. Even well-sealed chambers containing ashes can become compromised if subjected to repeated pressure.
    • Comfort and hygiene: Depending on the type of ashes jewellery and your sleeping habits, it might feel bulky or irritating against your skin. Regularly cleaning the necklace (avoiding submerging it) is important, especially after sweating at night.

Alternative approaches:

    • Placing the necklace near your bed: Keeping it on a nightstand or in a special box allows you to feel its presence while minimizing wear and tear.
    • Wearing it during the day: Save the necklace for moments when you actively seek your loved one's connection, like reading their favourite book or visiting a special place.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to sleep with a cremation necklace rests with you. Listen to your intuition and weigh the potential benefits against the possible downsides. Remember, the most important aspect is honouring your loved one and finding a way to keep them close that feels right for you.

Additional tips:

    • Choose a well-made necklace with a secure closure and a strong chain.
    • If your ashes necklace is of a shape that might snag easily like this bespoke RAF necklace , consider taking it off at night
    • Consider removing the necklace for activities that could cause damage, like sport or swimming.
    • Invest in a jewellery box or pouch for safekeeping when not wearing the necklace.


Sleeping with a cremation necklace can be a meaningful way to feel close to your loved one, but it's crucial to prioritize both your comfort and the care of the jewellery. By understanding the potential benefits and drawbacks, you can make an informed decision that feels right for you and your grieving process.

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