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The Memories Pendant

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The Memories Pendant


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The Memories Pendant

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The Memories Pendant

Your favourite places, names, words, dates, numbers captured in an arrangement of eclectic fonts.

By Me.
For You.

To begin with, you tell me what your memorable words and numbers are. To state the obvious, there isn't tons of room on these pendants, so you need to be selective over which ones you choose.

It is hard to give you a specific word count. Aim to supply 30-40 characters in total. Try to mix up long words, short words, initials, a number. Use the photos as a guide.

So look to select 8 words or 6 words and two initials. Try to steer clear of too many dates such as 14.10.2012. These are actually quite long, so yes I can put them on, but it would then restrict the space and therefore the number of words you could have in the rest of the spaces.

Please also note, that the listing price of this handmade pendant, is for you to supply your list of words/numbers and to allow me my artistic license to engrave them in my style.

I do understand that some people want to have full artistic control over font choice and placement, and I can accommodate your requirements, however my time required to enter into e-mail tennis, artwork supply, adjustment etc, rises dramatically. So if you would like to have it exactly as you see it, then please contact me and I can give you a quote for the extra work involved on my behalf. This isn't some form of trying to profiteer from your desire to control the process, just a reflection that my time is precious and if I am swapping 20 e-mails with you, I am not at my bench working. Hope that makes sense, I try to price my work fairly reflecting the work and skill that goes into each.

The heart is approximately 14mm wide 30 mm tall and 2mm deep. It comes on an 18"  chain.

Typically ready in 3-4 weeks

Once made shipping is 1-2 working days in the UK. International delivery is 3-10 working days from the UK. Made in the UK but sent worldwide.

Shipping is added at checkout. Based on your location and order value. Once made, your commission is sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery or International Signed For. 

Simply e-mail your question to me via chris@chris-parry.co.uk (Don't forget to include the product title you are interested in) or if it is urgent call 01322 867393 Mon-Fri 9-5.

We all like to read what others have to say about products and services. To this end I recommend reading the Facebook reviews. I can't control or edit what is said over there. Facebook


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