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Cremation Ash Cufflinks - With Hand Writing

Cremation Ash Cufflinks - With Hand Writing

5 star review (3,071) 5 Star Reviews
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five stars review for ashes jewellery (3,071) 5 Star Reviews

Cremation Ash Cufflinks - With Hand Writing 

The cufflinks vary in dimension depending on the dimensions of the handwriting. As a guide, they will be 20mm-30mm long and 10mm-20mm tall. The cufflinks are 2mm deep


I'll make your cufflinks to suit the proportions of the handwriting. 


Simply scan and e-mail your handwriting to me. Don't worry about scale, as I can scale it to a suitable size for the cufflinks.


Once made I use a special technique to add a small pocket of ashes into the metal. The area where the ashes are added, are marked by a small engraved star. 


A short inscription of 15 characters can be added to the reverse. Made in the UK but sent worldwide.


Ordering Process

  1. Place your order easily today here on this website.
  2. You will get a confirmation e-mail of your order (check your spam folder)
  3. I'll send you a  small pack for some ashes as part of this process

Ashes Kit Contents

  • Small biodegradable bamboo spoon (one teaspoon's worth of ash would be enough for a dozen pieces of jewellery)
  • A labelled bag for the ashes (Put one teaspoon's worth of ash in)
  • Freepost return padded envelope

Jewellery Production Time

  • Please check this page for the expected completion time. 
  • High Demand: Apologies in advance, but I am greatly in demand and the old saying "Good things come to those that wait" I work as fast as I can but I have a growing list of clients willing to order and wait until it is ready.

Jewellery Packaging

  • Your jewellery piece will be beautifully gift-wrapped in a jewellery box 
  • Any unused ashes will be returned to you.

Unused Ashes

  • Any and all unused ash is returned to you. We simply select what we need to make the perfect piece of jewellery for you. 


    Once made your item will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. A tracked and insured service.


    Phone: 01322 867393 Mon - Fri (9-5).


    Unit 4 Horton Road

    South Darenth


    DA4 9LW

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    jewellery repair, ring sizing, jewellery remodelling

    Recycle Or Repair

    Have that precious item restored to its former glory or perhaps have it dismantled and made into a new piece.

    Quotes for restoration or re-modelling are typically between £100 - £1,000 depending on the complexity and time required.

    Learn More

    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    How much ashes do you need to make a piece of jewellery?

    One teaspoons' worth of ash is required.

    A little ash goes a long way. We ask for a teaspoon's worth of cremation ash, we won't use it all and we return all unused ash. Read more here. We only actually need a pinch but we can select the best ashes for your piece. The ashes will contain different colors and grain sizes, so it can be helpful to be able to choose the ones that will look best in your jewelry. We will return all unused ash

    When you order I will send you a small pack for some ash, which will include a biodegrable bamboo spoon

    • Use one heaped teaspoons' worth of ash. 
    • Be careful not to spill the ashes. Don't do this in a draught. 
    • If you have any questions, just give me a shout.

    Once you have the ashes safely in the pack, pop them into the pre-paid envelope and simply post them to me. You are more than welcome to bring them in person.

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind when ordering cremation jewelry:

    • The cost of cremation jewelry varies depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design.
    • Your commission is handmade from scratch just for you, naturally this will take a little time to accomplish
    • It is important to choose a reputable jewelry maker who uses high-quality materials and has a good reputation.(like me !)
    • Some jewellery companies offer to turn a piece around in a few days. Sadly I am in great demand, please look just above the "add to cart" button for a guide to completion dates.

    Cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to remember your loved one. It is a personal and meaningful way to keep them close to you always.

    Where can I get ashes made into a necklace or jewellery?

    Here. I can make your very special cremation ash necklace, ring or piece of special jewellery.

    I work for clients all around the world. You can make an appointment and come visit or simply order from my website or via e-mail or phone

    I have hundreds of designs on this website or you can commission your own idea in any precious metal. I can also recycle your own old jewellery into a new piece with cremation ashes added.

    How much does it cost to have ashes made into jewellery?

    £90 to £3,000 or more.

    I make a wide range of cremation ash jewellery. I make cremation ash beads, charms, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

    I make all my items in 925 sterling silver, solid 9k golds (white gold, rose gold, yellow gold), 18k golds (white gold, rose gold, yellow gold) and platinum.

    Some of my designs are set with gemstones both precious like emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Also no precious like amethyst, topaz and cubic zirconia. In fact I can supply and set any gemstone.

    All my pieces on my website are priced please have a look around.

    I also make custom bespoke memorial jewellery.

    How do I place an order?

    Really simple, place your order on my website as the easiest way. We will send you an ash pack if your are ordering a cremation ash piece. If you are after a bespoke piece or want to do it over the phone, you can phone to place your order. 

    How much ashes do you need to make a diamond?

    One teaspoon's worth of ashes is required to make most cremation ash jewellery.

    There are four main techniques used in the creation of jewellery. Making diamonds from ash is one, but they can also be added to resin, glass and the metal itself.

    Making diamonds from cremation ashes, whilst technically possible is sadly being offered by companies that probably don't actually provide the service. Instead they sell you a regular diamond at an inflated price.

    So it is very much a case of "buyer beware" when it comes to diamonds from ashes.

    The biggest "tell" for a company NOT making diamonds from your ashes, is that their website will be super vague as to where their machine is and there will be no pictures/videos of it or the lab. Just please be super cautious.

    Personally I do not know of a single company that I can hand on heart vouch for.

    How much ashes do you need to make a ring?

    One teaspoons' worth of ash is required.

    In truth most ash ring designs only require a pinch. Therefore a teaspoon's worth of ash will be enough to make a dozen rings.

    We ask for a teaspoons' worth of cremation ashes so that we can select the most suitable pieces to include for your ash ring design.

    All unused ash is naturally returned to you when your cremation ashes ring is complete.

    You can order your FREE cremation ash pack here.

    We send out a free ash pack when you place your order anyway, but if you want one in advance, please click on the link.

    What jewellery can you put ashes in?

    Resin, glass, and metal are typically used to add ashes to jewellery.

    A jeweller specialising in cremation ash jewellery is the best solution to help you add ashes into jewellery.

    I use several techniques to make extra special memorial jewellery and you can browse hundreds of designs right here on this website.

    I can make you a special ashes ring, ashes necklace, ashes charm, fingerprint jewellery fingerprint ring, fingerprint necklace or even more.