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What Happens to Gold Rings When Cremated? A Story of Transformation, Not Loss

What Happens to Gold Rings When Cremated? A Story of Transformation, Not Loss

Do you have those precious jewellery pieces recycled into a new piece of ashes jewellery or lose it to the cremation process? I understand the delicate nature of celebrating life after loss. One question we often hear is about beloved gold rings and cremation. While the journey takes a different form, it's not a story of ending, but one of transformation and eternal presence.

Here's what happens to gold rings during cremation:

    • High temperatures: While intense heat transforms the body, gold possesses remarkable resilience. Its high melting point means it doesn't simply vanish. Depednig on the exact temperature, silver will melt, gold may melt and palladium and platinum won't melt.
    • New forms: While the ring's original shape might shift, the gold itself doesn't disappear. It may melt and become incorporated into the cremains, adding a subtle shimmer or metallic flecks. It doesn't disappear like melting ice, it should still be present. 
    • Recycling with purpose: In many crematoria, metals, including gold, are carefully separated and responsibly recycled. This process offers an environmentally conscious way to honor your loved one while potentially contributing to charitable causes supported by some crematoria. Most crematoriums will remove jewellery before cremation.

An alternative is to have those precious jewelelry pieces recycled and made into something new. For many, the "what happens" isn't the main concern; it's the "what remains." And that's where our beautiful range of ashes jewellery comes in. We offer stunning pendants, rings, and other designs that allow you to transform these precious remnants into wearable keepsakes.

Imagine a delicate pendant crafted from molten gold, containing a touch of your loved one's ashes, resting close to your heart. Or a ring reborn, its band infused with subtle flecks of gold, reminding you of the love that endures.

I believe cremation allows us to embrace new ways of remembering. We turn ashes into tangible reminders, not as a substitute for your loved one, but as a precious extension of their essence, carried with you every step of the way.

So, while the physical form of the gold ring may change, the love and memories it represents remain eternal. And through our ashes jewellery, you can keep those connections close, forever shimmering with the light of your loved one's spirit.

Remember, transformation isn't loss, it's a continuation of love in a different form. Visit our website to explore our beautiful collection and find the perfect way to carry your loved one close, always.


Chris Parry

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