Cremation Ash Jewellery

Cremation ash in glass, in metal and in resin. 

A huge range of handmade memorial jewellery by Chris.

Simply select the range below that you would like to explore further. From cremation ash rings, cremation ash pendants, cremation ash beads or mens cremation ash jewellery.

I am indeed sorry that your search has brought you here. My sincere sympathies. I would indeed prefer for you not to be on my website. 

In a nutshell, I offer handmade unique designs and a bespoke service. You can pretty much have whatever you want.

A range of over 70 unique memorial rings. 

Handmade cherished ash pendants. 

ashes into glass bead

A selection of cremation ash beads.

Men's cremation ash jewellery.

You can read more about cremation ash jewellery techniques by clicking here.

I have some more info on cremation ash rings and memorial rings here

A page that talks about remodelling your old jewellery.

If you have a beloved but damaged piece of jewellery, then you can read about repairs here.