cremation ashes ring

What company turns ashes into jewelry?

Ah, that's a question I can answer with pride! As the UK's longest-standing maker of cremation ashes jewellery, I've had the honour of helping countless families carry their loved ones close in beautiful and unique ways.

When it comes to crafting these special pieces, I like to offer a range of options to suit every preference and budget. Here's a glimpse into my repertoire:

    • Cremation Ash necklaces: From classic lockets that hold a touch of ashes to elegant gemstone designs incorporating crushed cremains, these necklaces offer a simple yet meaningful way to keep your loved one near your heart.
    • Ash Rings: A ring can be a constant reminder of the bond you shared. I can create stunning bands inlaid with ashes, or even incorporate precious stones that symbolize your loved one's personality.
    • Cremation Ash Bangles, Bracelets & Charms: These striking pieces offer a more visible way to celebrate your loved one's life. I can create sleek bangles with subtle ash inclusions or vibrant bracelets incorporating birthstones and meaningful motifs.
    • Ashes Jewellery: For a touch of subtle remembrance, I craft delicate earring charms and handsome cufflinks that hold a whisper of ashes within. I can make ash necklaces, cremation ash rings and more. 

Beyond these traditional options, I also embrace personalization. Whether it's incorporating a fingerprint into a fingerprint necklace or engraving a special message on a ring, I'm always happy to work with you to create a piece that truly reflects your unique connection.

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