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Update for the current COVID-19 situation

I am at work but on my own in the workshop. 

The shop side of my business is closed, but the workshop is open and I am working away like a busy bee.

Appointments and the shop will re-open when it is safe to do so.

(If you are about to order - the item page will have my best guess for a completion date. Please check the product item page)

(If you have already ordered and wondering when your commission will be ready - just bare with me, I am getting to each commission in turn - please don't e-mail asking for a completion date - it is simply too fluid to give you an answer in these times. I am working as quickly as possible)

First of all, my principle concerns are that the safety of my team and their family is paramount.

I believe the right thing to do, is to furlough my team on full pay until this is all over.

This website is still open for orders.

You can still use the contact page to send me a message. I will answer all queries as quickly as I can, just bare with me, as I am alone in the workshop.

When will the team be back in the workshop with me? Who knows ! As soon as work and travel restrictions are lifted, I'll be back to normal.

Everything is safe and no ongoing commission has been forgotten. 

I am in the workshop on my own so I am working, but progression is understandably slower than normal. 

Thanks for your patience. I am not going anywhere and the team will be back with me as quickly as possible.

Stay safe. Stay at home. Look after your loved ones.

We are a great nation and together we will get through this.

Love to you all