Custom Engagement Rings

” A thousand stars I see, but no star compares to thee.”

star engagement ring

She is unqiue, so doesn’t she deserve something fitting. Of course you can buy a mass made, far eastern import, dull engagement ring like all the girls at her work have got ! OR you can commission something just for her.

handmade engagement ring

In simple terms, I can make you an engagement ring to your exact budget. It is hard to give you exact costs or sizes of stones for your project without knowing all the details. So here follows some ballpark guides for you to consider. The prices presume a regualr amount of metal, set with a diamond H in colour and SI1 in clarity. Of course diamonds come in a variety of qualities, so you can always opt for a higher or lower quality stone and that will impact the price accordingly.

diamond engagement ring

Prices based on an average complexity ring design and an average amount of metal

9k gold (red, white or yellow gold)

  • 9k gold 0.10ct £645
  • 9k gold 0.20ct £895
  • 9k gold 0.33ct £1,500
  • 9k gold 0.40ct £1,750
  • 9k gold 0.50ct £2,200


  • Palladium 0.10ct £1,050
  • Palladium 0.20ct £1,200
  • Palladium 0.33ct £2,000
  • Palladium 0.40ct £2,700
  • Palladium 0.50ct £3,500

unique engagement rings

18k gold (red, white or yellow gold)

  • 18k gold 0.10ct £1,200
  • 18k gold 0.20ct £1,350
  • 18k gold 0.33ct £2,200
  • 18k gold 0.40ct £2,950
  • 18k gold 0.50ct £3,650


  • Platinum 0.10ct £1,300
  • Platinum 0.20ct £1,500
  • Platinum 0.33ct £2,600
  • Platinum 0.40ct £3,750
  • Platinum 0.50ct £5,500

18k engagement rings

There are many factors that can influence the cost of making a bespoke ring from scratch. They will principally fall into either the cost of the metal, the cost of the stone or the time required to make it. In addition to diamonds of any quality, I can also supply any gemstone in any size.

Commissions if you already have your own stone.

Some clients have inherited their own stone or bought it on their travels. I can indeed make a ring and set your own stone. There are many variables in the amount of metal and the complexity of your required design, so here are some prices for you to consider.

  • 9k gold (red, white or yellow gold) prices from £550
  • Palladium prices from £950
  • 18k gold (red, white or yellow golds) prices form £1,100
  • Platinum prices from £1,200

9k gold engagement rings

Commissions if you have your own stone and metal.

Some clients are lucky enough to have their own inherited precious metal and stones. In which case, the prices would start from

  • 9k gold (red, white or yellow) prices from £400
  • Palladium prices from £500
  • 18k gold (red, white or yellow) prices from £600
  • Platinum prices from  £750
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