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Cremation Ash Celtic Resin Ring

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Cremation Ash Celtic Resin Ring


Cremation Ash Celtic Resin Ring

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Cremation Ash Celtic Resin Ring.

Your loved ones cremated ashes infused into a resin oval, approximately 10mm x 8mm. Total width of the ring 8mm

Please note that each resin oval is unique, as are the ashes. The density, placement and colour of the ash within will be unique to you. Variances of appearance are natural from one ring to another.

The ring has a timeless celtic weave design.

Resin sets as a clear glass like product. It will over a long period of time pick up a yellowing tint as it ages. There isn't currently a resin product on the market that maintains it's crystal clear property.

This tinting of the resin can be accelerated if exposed to UV light. So certain indoor lights and of course strong daylight.

Where there is a coloured base layer, only the top clear layer will pick up an ageing tint and will  be less noticeable. 

Once you have placed your order, I will send you out a small vial for some ashes. About a teaspoons worth. You'll get back all that is not used.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of your special ring.

Each ring is handmade lovingly in my sunny little workshop in South Darenth, Kent, UK. Made in the UK but sent worldwide.

Once made, your commission is sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Simply e-mail your question to me via chris@chris-parry.co.uk (Don't forget to include the product title you are interested in) or if it is urgent call 01322 867393 Mon-Fri 9-5.

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